Master The Art of Human Connection
with The Lessons From The Stage

The #1 Success Skill for Lawyers, Leaders, and The Rest of The Human Race is Human Connection

Lack of Human Connection is the #1 reason people do not reach their full potential.

In order to breakthrough to your audience…whomever your audience happens to be…you must master the art of Human Connection.

But first (and most importantly) you must breakthrough to YOU.

From Jesse Wilson
Breakthrough Communication Specialist, TEDx Speaker, Jury Trial Consultant, and CEO of “Tell The Winning Story”

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“Much like comic turned motivational speaker/ life transformer Kyle Cease, Jesse Wilson’s high-energy vibe allows him to stand out considerably. Helping re-shape lives can, at times, be a tricky endeavor, but here’s somebody using humor and grace to fuel some serious transformation.”

- Huffington Post

Want to make The Human Connection?
And why on earth wouldn’t you?

If you are a trial lawyer (plaintiff, civil or criminal defense only), a member of the business community, or a member of the human race with or without a title please visit the following:

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“Live where you fear to live. Live your Greater Story!” – Jesse Wilson

Make The Human Connection. Live your Greater Story.

“What does it mean to feel transformed, enraptured, ecstatic, electrified, and deeply inspired with your life’s journey?

At any given moment in your life, you get to choose between two stories. Your choices? The one offered by your soul, or higher self, or the other story that’s caged by the human ego, or your false idea of yourself.

Which story will you choose?

It is time to look at your role, your purpose, and your powerful place on this planet.

This is what I call your greater story.

As you live your greater story with passion you will courageously discover a greater meaning and deeper emotional connection with the world…and the people you need to connect with…as well as enjoy the sense of belonging that is beneath the masks we so often wear.

It is time to remove the mask and set the stage for your greater story to begin!

If you are looking to make a profound difference in your life, including:

  • Creating authentic and meaningful relationships
  • Deepen, strengthen, and expand your spiritual connection
  • Motivating your clients, your audience, (from 1 to 1,000) to action
  • Bust through performance anxiety and step into the power of your presence
  • Drop the mask of your inner critic
  • Build momentum in your career and financial success
  • Get unblocked and discover your raw authentic creative voice
  • Live your legacy

There is one crucial thing you must cultivate first and that is The Art of Human and Emotional Connection, the one single element you need to experience at the greatest depths of your be-ing to expand every meaningful relationship of your life.

Honed from its origins in helping shift the fragmented lives of men and women in prison into lives of meaning and purpose, the groundbreaking lessons from the stage that I have geeked out on for my entire life have been used as a pivotal success tool in human connection for veterans, teachers, athletes, artists, attorneys, therapists, mom and dads, entrepreneurs, as well as top business leaders across the country.

The lessons from the stage saved my life. I can’t wait to share them with you now. It is time to step into your greater role and live your greater story.

Welcome to the stage.” – Jesse Wilson